Sunday, August 11, 2013

For the Birds

Here is another card I made a while ago. This was a fun, but simple card. I loved the image so much that I did not want to take away from it with too much fluff! Still getting used to blogging again. I think it may take some time. LOL!! So, I am trying to link my facebook here and also have my posts show up on facebook. Not having luck so far but I will keep trying. ;) Also, if you have tried to leave me comments and it did not work, please let me know. I think I fixed the problem but am not sure.  I know several of you have told me there was a problem. Thanks for the heads up! I have been so excited to see and hear from you guys on facebook and here on this blog. And, one last thing. My posts will be on auto pilot for a few days... I'm going on vacation. Ill be back soon. Looking forward to keeping in touch again. Hugs!

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